Your Morning Song

Three categories: Joyous, Energetic, Thoughtful.

  • Joyous = waking up with hope and confidence that today will be better.
  • Energetic = a double espresso jump start for the day.
  • Contemplative = stay in bed a bit longer to think about your dreams and your hopes for the day.

(My expression of gratitude to Soft Machine for their Dadaist masterwork “Volume 2”)

Illustration for the play “Ubu Roi” by Afred Jarry, from the review “La Critique” (1894), National Gallery of Art (public domain)

And a special Thank You to Pierce McIntyre for Plethora of Pop and the “Thanks / Giving Challenge.”

Musicians occasionally acknowledge their debt to various influences, but how often do they write a musical “Thank you”?

In the song “Have You Ever Bean Grean?” from their second album, Soft Machine…

Part 1: A Canterbury Baker’s Dozen

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

Part 1: A Canterbury Baker’s Dozen

There has been a wealth of insightful posts on Plethora of Pop from Paul Combs, Terry Barr, David Acaster, Pierce McIntyre, and most recently Anthony Overson on how the achievements of 70’s music have been ignored or misunderstood.

Although I started listening to music…

It’s the Three Suns’ Christmas album!

Photo by Bea Marciniak on Unsplash (Tuba in the snow. Not the Three Suns; not even One Sun.)

Halloween’s over and frigid winter overtakes golden autumn. Which for Riffers means only thing:

It’s time to start planning your Christmas playlist for Medium.

If you’re looking for something a little different to add to your eclectic holiday compilation of artists like Twisted Sister and Merle Haggard, may I suggest…

Western Swing: where two of the most American musical genres met.

Ernest Tubb and the Texas Troubadours at Carnegie Hall, 1947. Photo: Library of Congress (public domain)

When we talk about early country music was influenced by African-American musicians, we tend to focus on what C&W took from the blues (dozens of country songs from the 30’s to the 50’s have “blues” in the title, e.g…

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Music: Discovering the lost and forgotten. Politics: Exposing injustice. Screenwriting: Emotional storytelling.

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