Tunes for Insomniacs # 1

“Midnight Man” by The James Gang

Greetings, fellow children of the dark. Here are some songs to inspire your journey through the late night hours.

First up, “Midnight Man” by The James Gang, from their 1971 album Thirds.

Classic rock fans will probably be familiar with this song from pre-Eagles Joe Walsh, with its delicious guitar work and bittersweet lyrics and vocals, to be capped by a beautiful guest spot by Mary Sterpka: “Midnight Man, you’re pretty / Midnight Man you’re fine / Midnight Man be careful / Midnight Man be mine” with the octave glide on the final word “mine.”

“Midnight Man” is one of the great consolations of the early 70's. But even if you don’t believe the almost half a million of listeners liking this song on YouTube, if you’re looking for reassurance in these difficult times, you could do worse than playing “Midnight Man” in the dark night of your soul.

Songs for Insomniacs Playlist

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