Songs for Insomniacs 9: Beverly Kenney, “It’s a Blue World”

Among jazz vocalists from the 1950’s-60’s, Beverley Kenney was unique in what AllMusic calls her combination of “resiliency and vulnerability” “articulating an emotional depth matched by few singers of her era.”

On tonight’s lullaby, “It’s a Blue World” (1950), arranger Charles Albertine uses a glockenspiel (I think) — along with muted horns, strings, and the subtle piano of Ellis Larkins — to create an otherworldly atmosphere that cradles Kenney’s tender-but-tough vocal.

If you find the Decca vinyl at your thrift store, snap it up. Although Kenney isn’t well known here, Japanese collectors have made the original a collector’s item. But the cd and streaming versions are available.

Songs for Insomniacs Playlist

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