Songs for Insomniacs 6: “Night Life” by Ray Price

Hello again night owls.

You might not think of country western music as appropriate for the wee hours, but Ray Price has a song for you; it kicks in after the self -referential introduction here, around 2:15).

“The boy from down in Texas” is Willie Nelson, who played with Ray Price’s band “The Cherokee Cowboys,” and wrote “Night Life” (and later recorded it on his own).

The Song

Notice the bluesiness of the composition and guitar playing. (I’ve had the privilege of seeing Nelson live, and he’s a far better guitarist than you’d suspect from most of his records.) The lyrics depict someone trapped in nightliness (aren’t we all?).

The Album

“Night Life” is one of the greatest concept albums of all time. I’ll post a review separately. In the meantime, just enjoy one of the darkest forays of classic country western music.

Songs for Insomniacs Playlist

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